Classical Elegance


Back to this very beautiful hotel again last week.

The Opera Hotel is in the heart of the beautiful city of Kiev, within walking distance to the Opera House, St. Sophia Cathedral and the main shopping streets. This stunning, classy has  140 rooms, full of charm from the moment you walk into the elegant lobby, with antique furniture.

Had the greatest pleasure to catch up again with that most personable and meticulous of general managers Benoit Kulborn, always seems to be in the hotel and always appearing somewhere, his presence is known this  is the classic example to his staff that he really cares about his hotel and his guests , It shows in so many divest ways.

I stayed in a Junior suite room number 607 large, light and airy and with the biggest balcony overlooking the tree lined street below, I always get the best night’s sleep in this hotel, of any I have ever stayed in, the pillows are fabulous, they do have a pillow menu so if you have liked a particular pillow before it will be there you next time you stay.

I was informed that the Teatro Restaurant a favorite with guests and locals alike that the menu is new and completely revamped. Its almost a year since that wonderful chef Emmanuel Soares full of the charm of Provence the menu completely reflects the passion for the Provence Region .I started with the chefs taster the crispy duck,  this got the taste buds into action  for the culinary delights that I was waiting for with great anticipation, I wasn’t to be disappointed. I had the true lobster bisque set In a special dish with a little bowl on the side of the dash for the spoon with  the lobster meat to sit in, actually saw the lobster, the flavor was simply divine

 For my main course I had the Codfish filet roast in olive oil served with brandade and parsley sauce. I didn’t know what to expect, I had never tried this dish before, one of my main reasons for trying was, to try something new, I have to say it was delicious I would recommend this dish 100%.

For desert I had the Fresh berries served with strawberry sorbet  a perfect way to end a superb dinner

Emmanuel has proven to be such a great chef he is now the Group Corporate Chef, if you happen to be staying at the Dunbass Palace in Donetsk then this delightful menu will be there  for the tantalizing of your taste buds. The Chef that Emmanuel Soares had brought in to assist him is Paulo Vas they have worked together before and perfectly complement each other’s style, Paulo is very anxious to please and is undoubtedly proud to be at the Opera Hotel.


The concept of TEATRO menu restaurant offer a flavor of Occidental Mediterranean food (Spanish / Italia / Greece / France / Morocco …) Fantastic geographic place in the world, riche cuisine full of products, sun and colors and special door in passed for navigators with products from India, from Arabia…

The offer in menu will be clear and concentrated in taste, honest and simple to understand.

We will navigate around the seasons and around the Mediterranean. 

Grilled Concept TEATRO The Finest USA Meat available

T.Bone (+/- 450 Grs)..Rare or mediumm, tender and delicate with character

Rib eye (+/- 400 Grs)..Medium, marble and savoury

Sirloin (+/- 400 Grs)…Medium, tender and juicy

Tenderloin (+/- 150 Grs)…Rare or medium, extra tender 

Tenderloin (+/- 250 Grs)…Rare or medium, extra tender

XL hamburger  (+/- 180 Grs)…Medium or well done, savoury with bacon, onions crispy and cheese

XXL hamburger (+/- 250 Grs)…Medium or well done, savoury with bacon and onions crispy and cheese


Tenderloin (+/- 220 Grs)…Medium or well done, extra tender 


Tenderloin (+/- 220 Grs)…Well done, tender with character


Breast (+/- 230 Grs)…Well done marinated herbs and Cajun or natural


Barbecue / béarnaise / shallots / pepper / cheese or ox tail


French fries / rice / French beans / ratatouille / seasonal salad

Cold appetizers …

Beef (+/-100 Grs)

French beef tail tartar cut a la minute served with condiments, seasonal salad or French fries


Foie Gras of duck served with warm raisin bread and white Massandra jelly


6 oysters Tsarskaya natural or with (Apple jelly / lemon jelly / shallots with red wine vinegar / vodka / tomatoes)   served with eggs of salmon and black bread toast


Veal tonnato served with roman leafs, ceps and crostini

Special Chef cold appetizer …


Caviar of Beluga, served in Empire Tzar style with warm Oladi, sour cream, butter, egg of quail and horseradish sauce


Eggs of salmon served in Empire Tzar style with warm Oladi, sour cream, butter, egg of quail and horseradish sauce



Salad Nicoise served with crispy vegetables and Balsamique sauce

Chicken or Gambas

Crispy leafs of romana salad with chicken breast or gambas, parmesan, tomatoes, toast and Caesar sauce


Tomatoes color collection with buffalo mozzarella, rucula salad and honey citrus sauce


Leafs of white chicory with crispy bacon, apple, tomatoes, onion and raspberry sauce



Cauliflower soup served with walnut oil and crispy cauliflower


Pumpkin creamy soup, coconut milk, sour cream served with sour cream


Farmer chicken stock, vermicelli pasta, chicken breast served with eggs of quail


Traditional French bisque of lobster served with ravioli of lobster and fresh herbs

Mouthwatering  will have again

Hot appetizers…

Goat cheese

Spring rolls of goat cheese served with fresh mint


Warm pie of fresh tomatoes with anchovy and onions


Mussels browned with salty fine herbs butter served with crunchy salad


Ravioles of gambas served with warm ginger tomato bouillon

Fish …


Codfish filet roast in olive oil served with brandade and parsley sauce

Different way to prepare however delicious and lingering flavors


Salmon filet grilled, served with sunny mushed potatoes and virgin sauce


Red tuna served with shallots jam, boiled potatoes and sweet potatoes emulsion

Dove sole

Dover sole in Parisian style served with boiled potatoes, parsley and browned butter

Special Chef fish …


Sturgeon filet grilled, white chicory Compote*, basil cake, caviar of salmon served with Champagne Rose sauce

Sea food for 2 … (20 mn)


Rice with tomatoes, shallots, fresh coriander and seafood (Prawn, Calmar, sea scallop and crab)

Meat …


Magret of duck roast in caramel of star anise, gnocchi of potatoes, pure of peas served with citrus sauce


Green cabbage with bacon, Foie Gras, quail breast and eggs of quail served with warm quail farmer stock


Farmer bacon crispy served with truffle mashed potatoes, tomatoes petals confit and juice of pork

Beef (+/-250 Grs)

French beef tail tartar cut a la minute served with condiments, seasonal salad or French fries

Special Chef meat…


Beef Stroganoff served with mashed potatoes

 (Recipe of Alexander Sergeevich Stroganoff)

Meat for 2 …(20 mn)


Leg of lamb roast in mustard, coco beans in farmer style and juice of lamb with truffles



Zucchini served with juice of beef

Sea food

Squid ink and sea food


Parmesan and confit tomatoes


Green asparagus



Tagliatelle or spaguetti Carbonara served with farmer bacon


Penne Gorgonzola with leafs of basil


Ravioli of ricotta with petals of tomatoes confit and emulsion of balsamic


Traditional Tagliatelle or spaguetti Bolognaise


Traditional Lasagne served with tomatoes basil sauce



The famous Opera cheesecake

Chocolate (9 minutes)

Warm tender chocolate cake served with sorbet of chocolate


Pepper Crème brulee served with cigar biscuit and pepper ice cream


Warm apple pie served with sour cream ice-cream


Fresh berries served with strawberry sorbet         

Perfect way to end a superb dinner

Since we are in the Ukraine the land of fresh organic and, really tasty food they have a Ukrainian Menu and dishes I have tried I will mark, These menus can be enjoyed in the Belline Bar just off the Lobby with patio dining great for people watching.




Beetroot, potato, marinated cucumber, green peas and home made oil.


Cabbage, bacon, peas, carrots, boiled eggs and mayonnaise.


Herring marinade served with potatoes and onions.


Creamy potato, soup

Bacon crispy, potatoes and croutons.

Ukrainian Borch soup

Beetroot, cabbage, potatoes, sour cream and Ukrainian brioche.


Kyiv Cutlet

Deep fried breaded Chicken breast rolled in herb butter served with mash potato.


Stuffed with basmati rice mixed with peas and red pepper.

Pike Perch

Served with pan-fried vegetables.


Pork role stuffed with mushrooms served with marinated vegetables


Vareniki with potatoes served with onion and bacon.

A great favourite



Potato cakes served with sour cream & fried slices of Pork belly

This is a great dish


Pork and beef cutlet coated with mashed potatoes served with sour cream and fresh salad leaves.



Butter milk pancakes rolled with cottage cheese, raisins and dried apricots.

Sweet Prunes

Dried sweet prunes stuffed with nuts served with