Englishman Fred Finn is the world’s most travelled person. In 1983 he was given a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, after it was confirmed that he had flown more miles than any person in history.

Mr. Finn took 718 journeys on Concorde – another record – and over 52 years travelling the world for business and pleasure he has visited 139 countries. Among a host of other extraordinary achievements, Fred has flown across the Atlantic more than 2,000 times. He once flew between London and New York three times on the same day.

He now lives in Ukraine, where he is an official friend of Ukraine International Airlines and Euro 2012.


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  3. Oliver Krüdener says:

    Dear Mr. Finn,
    I wrote an article about you for the Conleys Magazin in Germany and I would like to illustrate it with some pictures of you. Perhaps in front of the Concorde. I love the one with the Countach.
    Could you help me with a little range of photos? That would be fantastic.
    With best regards.
    Oliver Krüdener

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