CIS Strategy, Aviation and Routes Summiit Donetsk July 2013

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I was very privileged to be invited to this most important summit in Donetsk. Sponsored by The Donetsk Sergey Prokofiev Engines Start Airport, By First national Ukrainian Bank and PAYU . The organizers UBM from Manchester said it was the best attended Summit yet and that 300 delegates held some 2000 meetings during the two and half day conference. My role was  to be part of the opening press conference and air my own views to give a presentation of aviation in my life time as the worlds most travelled person, to do photo calls and interviews and to be part of the closing press conference. I visited the Svyatogorsk Laura (The Holy Mountain Monastery). Close to the Kharkov-Rostov-on-Don motorway, yet, beyond the limits of the Kharkov Region, another sanctuary of Sloboda Ukraine is situated — Svyatogorsk Laura, the third in Ukraine after the Kiev-Pechersk and Pochaev Lauras.

A story goes that the first Christians persecuted by the Romans appeared here in the first centuries A.D. There are also legends saying that an abode was established here by the Byzantine monks in the 18th–19th centuries and was visited by the founders of the Kiev-Pechersk Monastery — An­tony and Theodosius (Ukr. Feodosiy).

It was truly a most wonderful experience so very beautiful another spectacular trip was to the

Wine making traditions were set in Artyomovsk city over 50 years ago.

Throughout this time the Winery has polished up its craft to become the largest East European facility producing exquisite bottled sparkling wines. Today Artyomovsk Winery is our national pride. The production cycle has no matches in Ukraine, as it is located 72 metres underground in fantastic caves with a total area of 26 hectares. Over 30 million wine bottles are simultaneously kept here.

The history of the Winery goes back to 1950, when the USSR Ministers Council issued a decree to establish a wine-storage in Artyomovsk underground mine tunnels. The conditions here perfectly matched the purpose: favourable temperatures, humidity and a large territory for wine storage.

It was a hard task to launch the production as the abandoned mines were flooded. Today the underground territory is a complex of brightly-lit caves with elaborate carvings and colour arches. Classic bottled wine-making provides for an individual control over each bottle and involves a great deal of hand work to produce top quality wines which are highly appraised both in Ukraine and abroad.

Artyomovsk Winery is a frequent prize winner at international contests and exhibitions. It also holds dozens of prestigious awards and certificates confirming the high quality of its wine.

The place is open for pre-booked tours. English-speaking guides will take you around the fascinating fairy-tale process, which turns a wine mix into the finest sparkling drink.

Contact information: Patrisa Lumumby, Artyomovsk, Donetsk oblast  Tel: +38 062 332 23 00; +38 0627 48-00-