Last night i went to a cocktail reception at the new Speakeasy Bar located in Shooters Entertainment centre in Kiev http://shooters.kiev.ua/en/ for sponsors of Burns Night previous and this year on 19th March at the Hilton Hotel the 21st Year of Burns Night in Kyiv.

I had only seen these fantastic photographs before taken my friend Nickolay the only google certified photographer in Ukraine here is the new Speakeasy Bar,


However as great as the photography undoubted is the experience in walking down the stairs to the bar and going through the entrance was a great and pleasant surprise.2016-01-29 22.08.38

2016-01-29 22.16.29

the Speakeasy Bar and Cocktail Bartender  very charming lady

Inviting, intimate and like many of the original speakeasy bars no windows so total cosy atmosphere and you could be anywhere, there is plenty of space but arranged in such a way that is a very personal place feels like it was just for you.

The  long bar had a mirror backed showcase of some very special whiskies of course being part of the Robert McNeil , Stuart McKenzie complex then you would expect nothing less. The pianist is a delight to listen to playing speakeasy music that everyone would enjoy, and not loud enough to spoil your enjoyment and atmosphere of this special bar.2016-01-29 21.14.53

Of course again as you would rightly expect the waitresses are dressed in their beguiling kilts never did kilts look this good,

Speakeasy mini burgers

The food was excellent I had the three small burgers, chicken, pork and beef, well they said they were small but infact they were substantial and very tasty.

On looking at my watch I saw that it was close to 0200, you see the atmosphere is so good and since you can’t see outside then time has no bearing and enjoyment continues.

This can be a romantic evening for two, or a party with your friends.

Well done Stuart and Robert you have created a very special rendezvous that I for one shall look forward to my next visit.


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