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  1. Leah Gordon says:

    Dear Fred Finn – I am staying at the Mermaid Inn at Rye and saw your photograph at the reception – I am an artist and doing a new project about airports – I would love to include some of the photographs of you that I have seen online – mainly the ones of you with Concorde – is there any chance that I could get any hard copy (or high res files) – warmest regards Leah Gordon

  2. Erika Larose says:

    Hello Fred! My name is Erika, and I work for HuffPost Live, the video streaming network of the Huffington Post. We’re producing a segment about record-breaking travelers, and we’d love you to join us via webcam to discuss your experiences! The segment airs Monday, January 19th at 3:00pm EST. I’d be happy to provide further details. Thanks so much!

    All best,
    Erika Larose
    Production Assistant
    HuffPost Live

    • flyfinn1 says:

      yes of course I will be interested I heard also from Alison and have noew replied to you both.
      have a great weekend.
      My record is still there asd the most miles almost 16 million

  3. Steve Burton says:

    Hi Fred my name is Steve Burton. My fathers name is Monty Burton, retired Concorde pilot. Your name came up in conversation with my mother today at lunch and thought it would be nice to touch base with you. Hope you remember us.

    Kind regards Steve Burton.
    Mobile: 07831409847
    Land line: 01276 25297

    • flyfinn1 says:

      Dear Steve
      I am so delighted to hear from you. I happened to be for the first time since Concorde stopped flying at the Concorde Crew Dinner so nice to meet up with a few old friends
      Your dad’s name has often come up and i have asked over the years how to get in touch as Monty and I were such good friends.
      He came to my home in USA and to my 600th flight party in London
      I will give you a call tomorrow and maybe we can meet up, maybe I can come over and say hallo.
      I am truly so pleased
      Best wishes an thanks for getting in touch

  4. Clint says:

    Hi Fred – My name is Clint Hayashi, and I am with FLIO – a new global airport app set to launch. Hoping to connect to give you more details about it.



  5. Geoff says:

    Hi Fred. Good to see you looking so well. You don’t seem to have aged at all since the days you stayed at the Ariel hotel at Heathrow. Regards from Geoff the chef. 85 to 88 at the Ariel.

  6. Dean Brice says:

    Hi Fred
    My Name is Dean Brice I can remember you when you came to my house for cups of tea, you were my dad’s friend, my mum and dad have both died but they talked about you quite a bit, I wonder if you can remember, I would love to meet up again after more the 40 years.

    All the Beast Dean.

  7. Hello Fred
    My name is Harry Mitsidis, I’m the founder of The Best Travelled. We would like to have an interview with you for our travellers as you are an inspiration for sure. On a more personal note, I’m an aviation buff and would love to get to know you. All the very best in keeping and expanding your record.

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