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Peter Linacre MD New Pubs Co welcomes the local MP to the opening

Local MP officially opens Charles Holden Pub with Peter Linacre MD

Charles Holden Menu 001 IMG0721A IMG0723A IMG0724A IMG0725A IMG0726A IMG0727A Beers for Beerfest sporting heros cosy inside of pub Inside bar with Claude more of bar area 015 now that's some paella pan and bbq Peter Linacre MD New Pubs Co Beer Fest Beers Today I had the great pleasure in accepting an invite to a Beer-fest to celebrate the opening of the Charles Holden Pub, a pleasant, airy, traditional English Pub full of charm and character. Its doesn’t stop there, the  food served here is also of the top order. There is range of local and near local beers for the beer-fest  two of which became my favorites the black cherry mild, the Lambert Walk Porter an exciting beer almost black with a an aroma and flavor that had the taste buds completely tantalized for more. I tasted the BBQ  with sausages prepared by Angelo Brotto with an Italian recipe handed down from family recipes, slightly spicy, no fillers and taste that is very rare probably never found in shop sausages, these were brilliant and i will go back for more and,  try to ascertain the secrets of  making these myself for my bbq’s in Ukraine.The Charles Holden is indeed lucky to have the professional, charismatic Claude Page as its manager, who is equally at home speaking to his staff in English, French or Spanish, he has his finger on the pulse of whats  happening anywhere in the pub. The Pub has delightful and large gardens which today had a bouncy castle , face painting for the kids, it was a shame after all these efforts that the weather  and rain were more befitting of November rather, than half way through April

The Charles Holden is in the New Pub Company, of family pubs,  as is  the Hare and Hounds my own village pub. I thank Nick mine host there for his kindness for his  invite today. All of the pubs in the group  seem to be really family pubs with games and, books for kids they have filled a niche which people are really enjoying with quiz nights, singing nights, nights of there entertainment and themed eating occasions.

all in all a great day out!


the Best of British

the Best of British

Hallo everyone today was the start of the end of the greatest icons in the world of aviation  the Queen of the Skies Concorde. The announcement came this day 10 years ago to retire the Concorde fleet. It was  the intention and  commitment from BA to keep one flying for heritage flights and airshows. The promise was never kept and, that beautiful experience and site in the skies has  gone. for 10 years, such was the impact that it had on the world it has not been forgotten. Save The Concorde Group will be making announcements today and ongoing about getting one back into the air where it truly belongs to grace our skies yet


Please follow Save the Concorde Group is at

Save Concorde Group


Campaigning for Concorde to return to the sky in a heritage capacity, as well as working on other Concorde heritage projects!!@save_concorde

UK · http://www.saveconcordegroup.co.uk


Press Card 001

I am really pleased and delighted to have got my Press Pass in UK, for me its a recognition of my long time journallistic efforts.