Celebrate Concorde!

Thursday October 24, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM BST Add to Calendar 


Holiday Inn, Jn4/M4, London Heathrow  Sipson Road West Drayton UB7 0HP United Kingdom  
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Celebrate Concorde 10 Years On! 

Join us on this special anniversary day.  We’ve put together a “Supersonic-filled” day to learn, discuss, debate, enjoy and reflect on Concorde.  Don’t miss this chance to hear “Concorde, Finally the Truth’ and an opportunity to hear incredible Concorde stories from Fred Finn, who holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s most travelled man.


1:00pm: Welcome keynote, with Ben Lord – SCG Chairman  

1:15pm: Concorde, the truth, with Ricky Bastin – Director of Engineering 

In this session you will learn about and have the chance to debate several aspects including, how does Concorde get to Mach2? the truth behind Paris, and the much debated Assassination of Concorde.  

3:15pm: Networking and break  

3:45pm: The final Homecoming 

We’ll be raising a glass and celebrating that special moment 10 years ago when AE, AF and AG landed in succession at LHR.  

4:15pm: Inspiration from the skies, with the SCG team 

Not one to miss, this inspirational and thought provoking session will bring to life the passion that is SCG. You’ll learn about why SCG and others such as Olympus593 are so passionate about a Return to Power (RTP) and a Return to Flight (RTF).  

5:00pm: Networking and break / Hotel check-in (if you have booked accommodation)  


6:45pm: Our evening commences with the final countdown 

We’ll be raising a glass and celebrating that special moment when BA003 departed from LHR for the last time on Thursday 23rd October 2003.  

7:15pm: Dinner – Concorde style 

Don’t miss this opportunity to sample our very own Concorde menu, close your eyes and let your mind run wild with Mach2 thoughts.  

8:30pm: 3 million miles of luxury, speed and sound in the air, with Fred Finn – SCG Honorary President 

He holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s most travelled man, having covered some 15 million miles and visited 139 countries in the course of his life.  

9:00pm: Let’s Go Supersonic, with Ricky, Fred and Ben 

Don’t miss this un-scripted debate and the chance to ask what’s on your mind.  

9:30pm til late: Close and networking


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the Best of British

the Best of British

Hallo everyone today was the start of the end of the greatest icons in the world of aviation  the Queen of the Skies Concorde. The announcement came this day 10 years ago to retire the Concorde fleet. It was  the intention and  commitment from BA to keep one flying for heritage flights and airshows. The promise was never kept and, that beautiful experience and site in the skies has  gone. for 10 years, such was the impact that it had on the world it has not been forgotten. Save The Concorde Group will be making announcements today and ongoing about getting one back into the air where it truly belongs to grace our skies yet


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Campaigning for Concorde to return to the sky in a heritage capacity, as well as working on other Concorde heritage projects!!@save_concorde

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