MARRIOT MUNICH HOTEL
I Arrived at the Marriot Munich Hotel at around 2330. I was met at the reception by an entirely friendly and professional member of staff, check in was efficient and one of the best first time arrival and check-in of any hotel that I have stayed in to date, this warm welcome set the tone for the rest of my stay.
Being the world most travelled person I am always asked where I go and why and where I stay and why I use a certain hotel..
I do a large amount of research when going to stay in a new hotel that’s new to me. I visit that hotel in the destination that I have carefully chosen. I never recommend any hotel, Travel Company that I have not used. I have never been paid for my recommendation or endorsement of any hotel.
The Marriot Munich Hotel is the essence of professionalism.
The hotel is a very happy environment, the staff are great, they all seem to speak English very well, they offer to help and ask is there anything they can do for you, without being asked, that goes from the reception, the restaurant staff, housekeeping and, the chefs who are around for all to see and speak to. The staffs here are brilliant this of course is not by accident it starts from the very top of the tree with the General Manager Mr. Erich Zuri a fine gentleman of international repute the epitome of the hotelier that makes the sort of hotel that we would all like to stay in in the future.


Eric Zuri GM and Fred
Marriot are running a travel brilliantly program throughout the company and it is surely working well in conjunction with good management.
I can safely say that without recourse that the Munich Marriot has charm quality and comfort, my room with a great view on the 7th floor with a day room which was great when my daughter visited there was room to put an extra bed there for her.
It’s no good me saying all the good things about this hotel without giving a view on the food and restaurants.
The breakfast buffet has something to suit everyone’s taste. Fresh fruit a terrific selection, freshly cooked eggs to your taste, bacon sausages, cold meats and cheeses, a variety of freshly baked breads, fresh juices, brilliant. I got my eggs sunny side up perfectly cooked., It all worked like a well-oiled Swiss watch, with many people coming for breakfast around the same times, there was nevermore than a few minutes to wait for your order.

Eggs sunny side up

Eggs Sunny side up to perfection with Hash Browns

The breakfast chefs
Here are the chefs that made it so great

For Lunch there is the lounge in reception very comfortable and good for meeting as you can see everyone coming into the hotel menu is from champions bar.
I had dinner in the Steakhouse grill 93 It is the more formal restaurant for fine dining with an International menu and flair.
I was recommended to try the steaks and was glad I did they are succulent and taste even better with the smoked pepper a real taste treat to bring out the best in the salsa and steaks.
Service here is as befits an international dining experience; the maître de there is a real gem, knows his menus and is extremely helpful. In case you many want to know what is


An amazing Starter. Followed by:


A succulent steak with accoutrements to match

Grill 93

available before you arrive here is the menu for you

It would be remiss of me not to mention the Food and beverage manager Manuel Falk he is so very anxious to please his guests know what he is talking about, has a great relationship with his staff and his guests, nothing is too much trouble for Manuel. I mentioned about how good the Smoked Pepper was and to my surprise there was a gift from the hotel to take away. This thoughtfulness towards guests is what makes this hotel stand out.


I had some drinks in the Champions bar just like a local pub. I had a great time with the staff, they were so friendly, we had dinner there one evening, they had live music this particular evening we had great fun. The steak dinner with dumplings I had was done to perfection and their Key Lime Pie is to die for.


Steak with Dumplings and Mushroom Sauce .
Here is the food menu something for everyone in and informal atmosphere with ambience to please.

champions Bar drinks 001champions bar food 001

And we have the drinks menu again a massive selection and they bar staff will make you any cocktail you desire.
The Champions Restaurant is a place for friendly informal days and evenings.
I met in my days the executive housekeeper Tobias Halama, Nicole Sturm Director of Room Operations. I believe Nicole has had a well earned promotion I wish her well in her new position and finally to Christine of Public Relations, all of these people I met in walking around the hotel. I have to say that even top people in the hotel are asking guests if they are ok and is there anything they need, including me.
This is a wonderful Hotel I have been privileged to stay with you. To my readers I am sure you will have the same enjoyable stay that I have. I will be back.


Even check-in for younger guests
Best wishes and well done

The Marriot Munich Hotel near Marienplatz is conveniently close to the city center and subway, just 18 miles from Airport With Jaguar Taxis wow.


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