A Sensational Architectural Masterpiece of a Hotel


Queen Victoria Suite

Arriving from Paris on the Eurostar Train on Friday evening a couple of weeks ago. Brilliant location at St Pancras Station, if trains got any closer maybe you would get off train into reception area of this truly remarkable hotel

I have as the world’s most traveled person in the world with 15 million miles and 718 flights in Concorde I have stayed in some 7000 hotel beds, so have a pretty good idea of what is good about hotels. Have to say, the restored to its former glory of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, is grand, majestic, the ultimate place to stay in London.

I have eaten many times in the booking hall restaurant and bar, in the former booking hall of this station building with the original wooden shutters of the counters still in place. This restaurant is really popular with hotel guests as well as commuters using St Pancras to travel to their homes, around end of business day it gets pretty busy, the restaurant is also frequented by local people who come to enjoy the excellent menu provided by the Executive Chef. I met the chef a really helpful man by accident when asking directions to my room. The Chef has worked with the best of Chefs, at the Savoy and other famous restaurants and hotels, you can expect many and, do receive many exciting culinary delights, added to the  remarkable atmosphere, with a terrific ambience, there is good musical entertainment here in the evening’s.

I am impressed with the hotel lobby and check in it really is something to see. Check in was quick and  I was on the way to my suite the Queen Victoria Suite it is a twin roomed suite and as I had a business associate Ben Lord the Chairman of the Save The Concorde Group with me on this trip we decided to share the facilities of this remarkable apartment,  also would be suitable for young children, the plugs are tamper proof for little fingers the doors cant slam have an ingenious stopper high upon the door again the little ones can’t get locked in or trap fingers and finally all furniture sharp corner have a a smooth clear plastic edge, all very safe and unobtrusive.

The lounge is beautifully furnished with dining table and chairs, occasional tables and a luxurious deep sink into settee, some nice artwork on the walls a curved room with warm cozy natural wood flooring. Flat screen tv in all three rooms and ensuite facilities in each room. Of course there are the usual high speed Wi-Fi, ample plugs for laptops and mobile phones and any other appliances you need to plug into the electricity. The large king size beds are very comfortable with a choice of pillows soft hard etc. The Queen Victoria Suite has an amazing view down Marylebone High Street. There I use of the Chamber Club down stairs close to the reception area a more secluded lounge with many rooms for the discerning guests to use , read, or try the chef specialties of the day, has a remarkable staircase leading up to the first floor and close to the executive floors.

We met the charming courteous, very personable professional manager Gareth Banner, and my very good friend, the elegant and charming Victoria Diez-Davis the Director of Sales, having met these two I can understand why the quality of service is so very high here. We had the good fortune to meet at the Chamber Club for drinks, wine, spirits, beers, juices etc., are readily available,  a true oasis to conduct any meeting, the food served in the chambers Club both hot and cold  snacks and while not a full dinner very substantial and again very tasty and delightful to eat here. Breakfast is served here a great buffet selection of juices, hot  and cold selections, cereals of many types, and a full English breakfast can be fully enjoyed here, if there is something you don’t see like for example eggs benedict they  charming waitress for eastern Europe is only too happy to order for you.

The stairs are from another very fine age with wide curving stairs and iron balustrades fine murals on ceilings and walls this is one extremely elegant and fine Victorian Building its worth seeing even if you’re not a resident its completely brilliant.

Service at The St Pancras Renaissance is really 5 stars and it is a pleasure to have stayed and experienced what this hotel has to offer has to offer.

With its closeness to St Pancras and Kings Cross Stations the underground this is a terrific location to stay at and it can be for family weekend, business stays and meetings and Valentines is coming up and this has to be the place ti be too start your European trip, or as we did to stay after our European trip.

I recommend this fine hotel 100%


Queen Victoria Suite Amazing

Queen Victoria Suite Image

ImageQueen Victoria Suite

Master Bedroom\Image


Bathroom for master bedroomImage

Bathroom master bedroomImage

Bathroom Amenities beautifully presented top qualityImage

Bathroom Luxurious in beautiful presentation  Image

One of the Magnificent Staircase this one leading from Chamber Club to Executive floorImage

View from the suiteImage


View from room

View from the roomImage


View to St Pancras International Station from Hotel


St Pancras International Station view from Hotel


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