Fred Finn’s guide to Lviv (Lvov), Ukraine

Lviv a city in Western Ukraine founded in the middle of the 13th century by Prince Danylo Galytskiy, and named after his son Leo (“Lion”) Leopolis. In different periods of its existence Lviv was a part of Poland, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Russian empire and USSR. Since 1991 it is a part of the independent Ukraine. There is a great number of places having historical, architectural and religious importance (some of them belong to the 13th century), more than 30 museums of history, ethnography, arms and art galleries there. In 1998 the historical centre of Lviv was included into the “List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO”. Places of historical importance: Rynok (“Market”) Square of Renaissance style (the 16-18th century); Armenian Cathedral (the 14th century); The Latin Cathedral (the 15th century); The Boim’s Chapel (the 17th century); Renaissance ensemble of the Church of the Assumption (the 16th century); The Church of Body of Christ of the Dominican Order (the 18th century); St. George Cathedral (the 19th century); Lviv Opera House (the 19th century); Stryjsky park (founded in 1887). A lot of ancient fortification and religious buildings are situated around Lviv – Olesko castle, Pidgirtsi castle. Not far from Lviv there are balneology centres in Truskavets, Morshyn and Skhidnytsia, ski centres in Slavsko and Tysovets. Lviv has more coffee shops I think than any other place on earth for its size, good hotels, great food, great nightlife, great cultural events.


About flyfinn1
BLOG by Fred Finn, the World’s Most Travelled Person Fred W Finn MBA. F.Inst.T.T. World's Most Travelled Person Guinness World Records 15 Million Miles 718 Flights in "Concorde" Co-Founder Ambassador Honourable Representative of Georgian National Tourism Administration Travel Editor International Property & Travel Magazine. Facebook: Judge for the International Hotel and Property Awards Fred Finn President Save The Concorde Director Livingstone’s Travel World Fred will be giving his insight, his views and recommendations of cities in Ukraine to visit as a foreigner who loves Ukraine. Fred Finn was born in the garden of England, has lived in the Garden State of New Jersey Widely known as the English Ukrainian, he will welcome any questions not only about his destinations but on any aspects of travel. airports, safety, jet lag, and more. Fred, who is also a US Citizen, has travelled to 150 countries, flown 718 times on the supersonic Concorde and with a total of 15 million miles (24 million kilometres) his first entry into the Guinness Book of Records was in 1983.

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