Fred Finn’s guide to Kharkiv (Kharkov), Ukraine

Kharkov (Kharkiv) is located in the Eastern part of Ukraine in the valley of rivers Kharkov, Lopan’ and Uda. Kharkov with population of about 2 million is the second-largest city in Ukraine after the capital, Kiev.

Kharkov is not only an industrial and business centre of Ukraine; it is also a city with a long and glorious history. From 1918 to 1934 years Kharkov was the official capital of Ukraine. In 2004 the city celebrated its 350 anniversary and today it is one of the largest cultural and scientific centres of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

The architecture of Kharkov Ukraine and its sightseeing attracts a lot of tourists. Uspenskiy (Dormition) Cathedral, Blagoveshenskiy (the Annunciation) Cathedral, Intercession Cathedral, Catholic Cathedral, Memorial Complex of Glory, Freedom Square which is the third large square in the Europe and the seventh in the world (according to list of city squares by size), Taras Shevchenko Monument, Mirror Stream, Militia Museum and many others.

The name of widely famous philosopher and educator Hrihoriy Skovoroda and painter Ilya Repin are connected with Kharkov. Skovoroda lectured at Kharkiv Collegium. He died here in 1794 and was buried here. The house, where this famous painter Ilya Repin was born in a little town of Chuhuiv, not far from Kharkov and spent his childhood there. The exposition of his house-museum tells the visitors about his life and activity.

In addition, Kharkov has a number of scientific-research institutions, a park of physical culture, and a botanical garden. Kharkov city has philharmonic hall, several theatres (the oldest of which dates from 1780), planetarium, and several museums. Kharkiv city subway system was opened in 1975.

The museums of Kharkov:

•Kharkov historical museum (Universitetskaya Street, 5);

 •The museum of Southern railway history (Kotlova Street, 83a);

 •The museum of nature of Kharkiv national university (Trinklera Street, 8);

 •Kharkov literary museum (Frunze Street, 6);

 •Kharkov art museum (Sovnarkomovskaya Street, 11);

 •Museum “Kosmos” (Planetarium, Kravtsova Street, 15);

 •Kharkov maritime museum (Sovnarkomovskaya Street, 13);

 •Kharkov art gallery (Chernyshevskogo Street, 15);

 •The museum of militia (Sovnarkomovskaya Street, 13);

 •Kharkov museum of Holocaust (Petrovskogo Street, 28);

 •The museum of water (Krasnooktyabrskaya Street, 90).

I have just returned from a rather delightful week in Kharkov. I enjoyed the openness of the city very green many open and interesting spaces like the Taras Shevchenko Park right in the centre of town. The third largest city square in Europe and the seventh in the world, looking at this it are hard to see what could be bigger.

 I stayed in the recently opened world class Kharkov Palace Hotel. It is truly world class

Once in a while an unexpected and pleasant surprise comes along, from the first few minutes of entering this world class hotel; it felt inviting, with a warm and welcoming feeling. I have previously stayed at the Dnister Palace Hotel in Lviv, and the Premier Palace in Kiev all in the Premier Collection. On speaking to the staff, I leaned that the Managing Director Mr Leffler was the GM that made the Kiev hotel such a success, here he had started from scratch, even bringing his knowledge of managing hotels in Tibet and Dubai and Africa  to the design of this truly sensational hotel.,

I spent time finding my way around the hotel which has 180 rooms, an executive floor with good old fashioned butler service, I feel that a lot of the charm of this hotel is derived from the clever way they have blended the hi tech and the expectations of deluxe and class, with the warmth of solid wood panels and doors, this theme is used throughout in timber that I understand was brought in especially from Vietnam. The gym would fit into any top health spa in the world. The health centre and spa is very special, for the first time in a long while, I found that I had the time to try the massage, I am glad that I did, I met a really special, pretty and petite young lady called Olga, Olga has what many would say, is the biggest disadvantage in life, Olga is blind, when you visit her however it takes time to realise this as she escorts you down  the corridors to her massage room, moving about with the complete ease of someone who is seeing everything she does. The massage is a sensory and delightful experience, I will go back.

Restaurants, there are the Sky Lounge with delightful small tasty dishes from spare ribs cooked to absolute perfection, tempura shrimp, ham wrapped around Italian bread sticks all accompanied by appropriate sauces with a stunning view of the sun setting and the lights coming up in the lounge, and the very beautiful but exquisitely polite Ukrainian ladies to brighten up any scenic panorama.

There is the second-floor Pacific Spoon Restaurant with food from around the Pacific Rim, i.e.  California, Japan etc.

This restaurant also serves breakfast and yet again the hotel surpassed itself with such a selection to delight any taste buds, fruits, juices hot dishes cold dishes, fresh breads any one could get the breakfast they desired here.

There are the Amadeus Viennese Coffee shops a true Viennese patisserie with a Swiss pastry chef to ensure the dishes here are authentic.

Gourmet Beriozka delicatessen shop

The outside inside terrace restaurant again with great views, is available for outside dining where you can see your dishes being prepared with views right into the kitchen.

The lobby is truly special with its gold leaved chandelier descending 30 metres from the ceiling above

There is secure underground parking, right in the centre of this great city

There is very good night life in Kharkiv,

Panorama A new but already extremely popular night club of a high level

Bolero a large well run beautifully appointed night club good food and great music I can vouch for this as I was there myself with friends on Friday night until late or was that early. Good shows as well.

Radmir club a large complex with casino, bar, lounge cafe, karaoke bar and disc

Meridian is the oldest club in Kharkov

Arkada An open-air night and “day” club

Cover charges in Kharkov clubs are almost the same everywhere, around $15.00

Getting there:

The best way to go to clubs is to take a taxi.

Always agree about the price before getting into the cab. It is even better to have some numbers to order a cab from a taxi company. “Locals” may try to charge you double or triple if they hear you speaking a foreign language.”

Kharkov is a center of excellence for learning with great universities.



Bluhera, 2

tel: 38(0572) 68-06-19

fax:(0572) 68-06-13


17 Chkalov Str

UA-61070 Kharkov

Tel: 38 050 401 9040

Fax: 38 0572 190475


Lenina str., 14

tel: 38 (057) 740 -10-10

study in English:



9-a, Prospect Lenina,

Kharkiv, 61001, UKRAINE

Tel. 38 (057) 702 03 04

Fax. 38 (057) 702 07 17



Pushkinskaya str, 53

tel: (057) 706-35-81, 706-30-68




Postal address: 61023, Kharkiv-23,
77/79 Sumska str.
Reception tel. (fax) 38 057 7002165
Cadets Admission department tel.:
38 057 7049693, 38 057 7049605, 38 057 7021750
Students Admission department tel.:
38 057 7021424, 38 057 7049682




Kharkov, 61002

tel.: (380-57) 700-38-66,

fax: (380-57) 700-38-65




Phroonze, 21


Goncharov Aleksandr Andreyevich

Head of the department for international relations
Tel: (380) 57 706-32-28


Pushkinskaya street, 77

Kharkov, 61024

tel.:(057) 704-92-49




Kharkov preparation for the EURO-2012 is  well under way. It also involves the renovation of the Metallist soccer stadium home of the oldest soccer team in Ukraine.

 the new airport terminal and renovation of the old one which is unique in its beauty reconstruction of the airport runways and improvement of the infrastructure to get to and from the airport.

 The City of Kharkiv is blessed because of the large student population with many excellent coffee shops, sidewalk cafes, pizzerias and other fast food outlets i.e. McDonalds.



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