Fred Finn’s guide to Donetsk, Ukraine

In 1970, Donetsk was recognized by UNESCO as the best and the cleanest industrial city in the world. Donetsk is not only a major industrial city but also a big cultural centre of Eastern Ukraine. There are 140 museums and museum rooms in Donetsk, two large state regional museums among them: the Donetsk Regional Art Museum and the Donetsk Regional Museum. Among the most interesting sightseeing’s of Donetsk is Mertsalov’s Palm. It is a representation of palm, forged from steel by Alexei Mertsalov. The Palm has got Grand Prix Award at the Paris International Industrial Exhibition in 1900. The Palm is made from a single rail. The original height of Mertsalov’s Palm is 3 m 53 cm. The original Palm is located in the Museum of the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg. On 12 September 1999, a replica of Mertsalov’s Palm was established in Donetsk city not far from the exhibition centre Expo-Donbass. There is a project to bring copies of Mertsalov’s Palm to capitals of major countries of the world. Copies of Mertsalov’s Palm have been already placed in Ottawa and Hanover. Those tourists who like diving should be interested to see a copy of Mertsalov’s Palm placed by divers under the water near Cape Tarkhankut in the Crimea (Ukraine). In Voroshilov district of Donetsk city you can find a park of forged figures. Every year in this park takes place an international festival of blacksmith’s skill. After this festival, the best works are exhibited in the park. In forged figures park you can also find arbour of loving couple, Ukrainian arbour and arbour four dragons, the alley Zodiac signs, the alley Newlyweds and the alley of Tales. Donetsk has the Ukrainian Steppe, the park of sculptures on Pushkin Boulevard. All the works have a common subject the Slavic mythology and everyday life. Eleven sculptures of the Ukrainian Steppe were donated to Donetsk by Ukrainian and German sculptors. In Donetsk tourists also can find the first monument to the Beatles established on the territory of the CIS and the Donetsk Small Railway installed in the park of the Leninskiy Komsomol. In August 2009, in this park Donbass Arena stadium was opened, designed and built in accordance with the standards of UEFA category Elite. Donetsk city will be a pleasant discovery for those, who have heard of it as of purely industrial place. Donetsk is a surprisingly international city with its own treasures. Being a blend of industrial scenery, modern office buildings and places telling much about the history of Ukraine, Donetsk leaves an abiding memory. A dolphinarium Nemo appeared on Donetsk map just a while ago, but has already turned into one of the most desirable entertainment spots pulling both kids and adults. The venue lies amidst one of the most bustling green corners in Donetsk city – Shcherbakova Park – adding to its numerous attractions. The Donetsk-based dolphinarium is part of the Ukraine’s network providing entertaining and medical services. Nemo comprises a dolphinarium itself, an oceanarium and a dolphin-therapy centre. Alongside watching an exciting performance, you can also take a swimming or a diving session with exotic sea and ocean habitats. Today, the centre is home to bottlenose dolphins, South American sea bears and a sea lion. Donbass Arena. The stadium was called “a diamond” in the early stages of its construction. The oval shape, glass walls and sloping roof, as well as external lighting at night make the Stadium shine like a diamond. It is one of major sites of Donetsk and a symbol of future for locals – the future of Shakhtar FC, the city and the Ukrainian football. The new stadium meets Elite class UEFA standards and is the first facility of the kind in Eastern Europe.


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BLOG by Fred Finn, the World’s Most Travelled Person Fred W Finn MBA. F.Inst.T.T. World's Most Travelled Person Guinness World Records 15 Million Miles 718 Flights in "Concorde" Co-Founder Ambassador Honourable Representative of Georgian National Tourism Administration Travel Editor International Property & Travel Magazine. Facebook: Judge for the International Hotel and Property Awards Fred Finn President Save The Concorde Director Livingstone’s Travel World Fred will be giving his insight, his views and recommendations of cities in Ukraine to visit as a foreigner who loves Ukraine. Fred Finn was born in the garden of England, has lived in the Garden State of New Jersey Widely known as the English Ukrainian, he will welcome any questions not only about his destinations but on any aspects of travel. airports, safety, jet lag, and more. Fred, who is also a US Citizen, has travelled to 150 countries, flown 718 times on the supersonic Concorde and with a total of 15 million miles (24 million kilometres) his first entry into the Guinness Book of Records was in 1983.

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